Sunday 16 October 2016

The Book Haul I Should Have Done Three Months Ago

I've been having bloggers block or something because I haven't been getting anything done for around two weeks, or barely anything at least. I finally started doing things again so I'm back on track and I'm gonna start out with this.
These are in no particular order.
So many...
1. The Scorpio Races
It was only seven dollars and the cover was so pretty I could not resist.
2. Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor
Saw it for twelve dollars so I couldn't resist...
3. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Got this on August first...
4. The Dream Thieves
Cause I needed this in my life.
5. Blue Lily Lily Blue
So good...
6. The Raven King
Just finished my review for this and will be posting it today or tomorrow.
7. Furthermore
But before I post the Raven King Review I have to post this one.
8. Empire of Storms
What a beautiful beautiful book this was.
9. Six of Crows
I've obviously read this one before but I didn't have it, so today when I was in Seattle my dad and I stopped at a Costco and I saw it there for 11 dollars and thought why not.
10. Crooked Kingdom
In the middle of reading this one...
11. A World Without You
I bought and read this in Mississauga, holy shit it's good. And mindfucky.
12. The Bronze Key
The cover though.
13. The Bell Jar
I've been reading this book for like, 2 or 3 years and I figured getting a physical copy would get me to read it. It's kind of working...
14. Rebel Spring
Had to have the sequel.
15. Samhain Island: Episode 1
I don't think I posted the review for this on here... if your really interested on my review just go to my blog, link is in my bio.
16. Three Dark Crowns
I'm reading this book next. So pumped.
17. A Torch Against the Night
I should probably read this one soon...
Okay that's it! Except maybe my copy of the Power by Jennifer L. Armentrout, but I lent that to a friend and it doesn't really have to be in my haul. Just sort of an honourable mentions of a sort...
Have a good day/night!

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