Wednesday 17 October 2018

Top 5 Favorite Monsters

I'm a bit of a paranormal junkie. While there are so many cool, unique monsters out there I really am a lover of the originals.

1. Witches

I feel like it's probably common knowledge by now that I really like witches. This has been sort of a lifelong fixation starting in childhood when I watched movies I probably shouldn't have at the time. Witches just have so much potential and they're cool as hell.

2. Vampires

I still haven't gotten over the 2013 vampire obsession. I mean, I never liked Twilight, but all the other vampire books really got me. While the grip has loosened a bit, I'm still caught in the snare.

3. Mermaids

There just aren't a lot of mermaid novels out there. I just need something with mermaid main characters that are just hardcore mythical creatures. I know the fourth Pirates of a Caribbean film was crap but I liked it because of how they portrayed mermaids! I just need a book like that and I will be happy, please and thank you. Just enough with mermaids being pleasant and having nice civilizations. This is not the Little Mermaid.

4. Faries

Those tricksy bastards really get you. While I do like Sarah J. Maas' version of fairies, I do really prefer the Holly Black type of fairies. The ones that will trick you out of your pocket change and have you in their eternal debt. They're real flip-floppy, they could be either good or bad, the true chaotic neutral.

5. Werewolves

I can't explain my love of werewolves, I've tried to figure out over many many many years but its just something I've never been able to rationalize to myself in a way that doesn't make me a furry. This has caused quite the identity crisis as I am not a furry.

What are some of your favorite monsters?

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1 comment:

  1. Yes! These are such classics but great ones. I've been obsessed with vampires since like 2004 and still haven't gotten over them either ;-) I'm actually reading a book about merfolk right now, but it's not really a "hardcore mythical creature" portrayal, so prob not what you're looking for. Great list!