Friday 9 March 2018

Promise Me Spoiler Free Review

Promise Me
Promise Me
by Kelly Walker

Release Date: January 23rd, 2018


Self-professed Harry Potter addict and math genius River Jacobsen can count on one hand the people who matter in her life. Really, it’s just Dean, the boy who loves her despite her odd habit of counting everything around her when she needs to quiet her mind. When Dean promises her forever she never imagines it will be a lie. 

After Marine hacker Ian Maclean is mistakenly declared dead by the US government, he’s happy to correct them the moment he escapes captivity. He wants nothing more than to get home to the wife he left behind. Discovering she’s been cheating on him since the moment he deployed wasn’t in the plan. Devastated, he walks away from everything, even his name. 

With the futures they were counting on destroyed, Ian and River find themselves starting over. Ian reminds River of things she’d much rather forget, but pushing him away is harder than she expected. Ian wants a second chance at happily ever after, but the more he gets to know River, the more he worries she isn’t trying to figure out how to live again, she’s figuring out how to die. 

My Thoughts:

I received a copy from Netgalley

I gave this book 4 stars. Holy crap this book had an amazing plot. I didn’t want to stop reading once I really got into it. 

I have to admit I felt a bit cheated near the end. There was a confrontation I was so looking forward to, but it ended up being very anticlimactic and we never really got to see it happen. I really wish the author had included it.

I also wish that I had been warned that this contained characters from the authors Chadwell Hearts series. I was a bit confused about some of the characters like I was supposed to know all about them already but didn’t. I would have appreciated at least a warning so I could have read those other books first. In a way, it sort of spoiled a lot of what happened in that series, so if you haven’t read that series yet and you plan to, then read them before this one.

I loved River. I could relate to River. River spends a lot of time crying and reading Harry Potter. The only thing unrelatable about her is that she likes Professor Snape and is good at math. 

As a love interest, Ian is a good guy, but I wasn’t particularly wowed by him. I really enjoyed his plotline, but again, his personality wasn’t enough for me to forget about every other book boyfriend. I also can’t get behind his nickname being Ghost. It just doesn’t fit with his appearance or personality. I just don’t see it.

I’m glad that the author didn’t stick with the trope of the dead husband/boyfriend secretly being horrible and the protagonist finds out about it after they die. I hate that trope and I’m glad this wasn’t the case in this book.

If you love NA romances then I would 100% recommend this one to you. It has every mark of a good NA novel.

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