Thursday 15 June 2017

OMG This Song Tag

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, I was incredibly busy this week and couldn't find the time to blog, but I'm back. More on and off this week, but soon it will all be over and I will hopefully be blogging at least once a day. Now, onto the actual blog! I know this tag is meant for book tube, but I feel like doing it. Also, if you don't know how this works, you get a prompt and for each you need to name a song and a book for the prompt. Easy.

1. MY JAM - a song you MUST listen to every time it comes on, no matter how old or how many times you’ve listened to it / a book you’ll never get sick of

Careless Whisper by George Michaels, not only will I never skip this song, but I have to sing along. I legit know every word.

A book I'll never tire of is Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater. I love that book so much.

2. THROWBACK - a song that reminds you of the cringest time of your life / a book that also reminds you of this time (or just something you wouldn’t like as much if you picked it up for the first time now)

Really any song covered by Glee ever. That is not a time in my life that I like to remember.

Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, I loved this book as a kid, but I honestly don't know if i would still love it if I read it now.

3. REPLAY - a recent song you have on repeat right now / a recent favorite book

Dancing with Wolves by All Time Low, this song is amazing. I've had this song on repeat for a billion years.

Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare, which I am still currently reading, but I'm almost done and I'm loving it.

4. GETS ME - this song IS ME / this book is me in book form

Creep by Radiohead, I could have gone with any self deprecating song, but this is the self deprecating song.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, this may seem a bit basic, but it's who I am. I'm a socially awkward fangirl with really bad anxiety, which is why I have a blog and not a booktube channel.

5. WUT - weird but I like it? – a unique book that stuck out to you for whatever reason

Internet Friends by Knife Party, this is a weird guilty pleasure of mine. I just think it's really funny, so I'll listen to it when it comes on.

All my Friends are Dead. This was a good book. You should totally read it.

6. LET’S GO - best pump up song (for workouts or just life) – a book that inspired you

Trenches by Pop Evil, when I played Rugby in high school I would always listen to this song after practice or after a game because I had such a high after playing that I needed a pump up song to match my mood. This was it.

A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron, not so much inspire me as make me go and hug my dog and shower her with even more treats after reading it. 

7. CHILL - fav chill, relaxing song / a book you’d curl up with and read on a rainy day

Breathe by Matt Corby, this song is so chill and slow. It helps me unwind and it's something I really get into.

The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons, I want to read it so badly, but I just need the perfect day to read it. 

8. ADDICTING - guilty pleasure song – one that’s catchy and addicting but not a whole lot of substance / guilty pleasure/trashy/fast/light read

Living’ La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin, if you've ever heard this song you know what I'm talking about. This song is a masterpiece.

Paper Princess Series by Erin Watt, I just read this and literally finished a book a day. So good.

9. NOSTALGIA - throwback you look back on fondly / a book you read forever ago that you look back on fondly or reminds you of a happy childhood time 

Thrift Shop by Macklemore, this was my song back in the day. Back in the day was only about 4 years ago, but it was still a while ago so it stays.

The Frog Princess by Erin Baker, I adored this series when I was a kid. Not enough to read as a normal thing, but enough that I no longer hated reading. Good times.

Anyway, thank you all for baring with me and feel free to do the tag too! 

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